Please read the following passage and then answer to the questions below it.



              From about 10 years ago, security on the Internet has been discussed as a serious subject.  Nowadays, we must not think that we are protected by someone or something online.  We always have to be concerned about our private information when we use the Internet.  As the same as the Internet, the government in some countries is trying to strengthen the security of our daily lives.  For example, in England, the government decided to set CCTV cameras everywhere on the street, in the elevator, and even in the bathroom to protect us and to prevent us from the occurrence of crimes.


              Now, provide your own view towards setting a CCTV camera in any kind of places, especially in the bathroom.  How do you think about this?  Although it is good for your security, do you like to be watched all the time even in the bathroom?  Describe your ideas by using examples and details.  Be sure to include why your ideas are credible and probable.

              Explain your idea in approximately 300 to 500 words.  Your writing will be evaluated for: (1) your ideas and the way you organize them and, (2) your grammar, punctuation, and word choice.



CCTV camera: A surveillance camera, for example, set in convenient stores for security.